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All quotes are made by clients of Three C Counseling and all identifying information is removed, as protecting our clients is a top priority. 

“I think 3C is a very good service. The counselors are extremely professional and compassionate.”

“I am very motivated to come here! My past experiences with other treatment centers, well one actually, was a nightmare. So thanks to all involved in my treatment! I actually feel like for the first time that I can beat this addiction!”

“All treatment personnel have been consistent and very personal.  I enjoy having this treatment option and the facilitators here.”

“3C is a modern establishment with a compassionate understanding and approach to recovery.  They have helped my life greatly.”

“I feel 3C has helped me so much. I think even non-addicts would greatly be helped by these individual sessions. For that reason, I kinda see a silver lining to my addiction.”

“I can say that the staff at Three C Counseling has been very beneficial in my recovery. Thank you for making a difference in my recovery and our community.”

“Happy that I got to come here for help! I really needed.  Well appreciated.”

“The staff all seem very respectful and caring. I never feel judged or uncomfortable.”

“I am very comfortable with Three C.  Staff and counselors are great and can relate to my problems.”


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