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About US

        Three C Counseling was formed to foster effective individual treatment for those suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs.
        Our goal is to treat the individual as the person they are, not as a number. We value the importance of understanding why someone
        is suffering,  and aim to help them overcome those issues in order to lead them to a healthy sober lifestyle.
        Three C Counseling began a counseling office focused on recovery. We have since expanded into multiple buildings and now offer a
        wide variety of services in addition to substance abuse counseling. This expansion has enabled us to reach more people and change
        more lives than we ever thought was possible. We are focused solely on our clients and their success, which is why we have been able
        to grow so much.

Mission Statement

        We at Three C Counseling are committed to working as a team to provide the highest level of care possible. Our curriculum has been
        developed to challenge every individual to have the courage to evaluate themselves and make the changes necessary in their lives to
        adhere to societies laws, remain drug and alcohol free, obtain mental and psychological well-being, and work towards being a
        productive member of society.


        We are here today because we can no longer run from ourselves. Until we find the courage within ourselves, we will continue to be
        running and afraid to confront our demons. Until we have the character to stand up and admit we need help, we will continue to suffer
        from our secrets. Until we decide to change our lives, we continue to be afraid to face our fears. Today is the day we take those Three
        Cs- courage, character, and change- and clearly begin to define our lives. We must come together and accept this challenge, for here
        we are  never alone, we are alive.

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